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Why You need to visit Gangga Coffee Ubud?

Why You need to visit Gangga Coffee Ubud?

Gangga Coffee is a coffee shop located in the village of Peliatan in Ubud, Bali. There are several reasons why you should consider visiting Gangga Coffee on your trip to Ubud:

  1. Learn about coffee production – Gangga Coffee offers tours that provide an opportunity to learn about the coffee-making process, from growing the beans to roasting and brewing. You can learn about the different types of coffee grown in Bali, how they are harvested, and how the beans are processed.
  2. Taste fresh and unique coffee – The coffee produced at Gangga Coffee is grown using traditional methods and roasted fresh on-site. This means that you can taste some of the freshest and most unique coffee in Bali.
  3. Experience Balinese culture – Visiting Gangga Coffee also provides an opportunity to experience Balinese culture. The plantation is located in a beautiful rural setting, surrounded by rice paddies and jungle, and the staff is happy to share their knowledge of Balinese traditions and customs.
  4. Purchase coffee to take home – Gangga Coffee offers a wide range of coffee products that you can purchase to take home as souvenirs. You can choose from different types of coffee beans, ground coffee, and coffee-related products such as coffee soap and coffee scrub.

In conclusion, visiting Gangga Coffee in Ubud provides an opportunity to learn about coffee production, taste unique and fresh coffee, experience Balinese culture, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and purchase coffee products to take home. It is a great destination for coffee lovers and those interested in Balinese culture and nature.

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