A coffee shop in ubud that serves Specialty Kintamani Coffee. While most coffee shops use their five senses to serve their best cup of coffee, Gangga Coffee uses a sixth sense, which is their heart. Since 2017, their mission has always been to strive for high standards of specialty coffee and service.


Gangga Coffee core philosophy is to serve the best in the life of the coffee bean, from soil to cup. Their specialty Coffee locally sources with the famous Kintamani coffee beans that adhere to the concept of Tri Hita Karana. It means “the three causes of well-being’’ that focus on the harmonious relationship between God, surroundings, and humanity.

This concept refrains the coffee farmers from using pesticides or harmful chemicals to produce environmentally friendly and organic coffee beans. As a result, the uniqueness of Kintamani coffee beans delivers fruity flavourful taste, citrusy aroma, and lingering syrupy aftertaste. Gangga coffee shop in ubud work with them to handpick the highest quality coffee and highlight their role in Gangga Coffee journey.


Inspired by their family name and its meaning, Gangga refers to Gangga River. It strongly embodies a river that flows and gives life to all. Truly rooted in thier belief, they have blessed their success using thier family name while staying relevant to the industry.

SINCE 2017

Since 2017, Gangga Coffee interact closely with local farmers to understand the coffee they produce. They pour the heart and soul for the love of good Specialty Kintamani Coffee. Whether their customers want to know specialty coffee better, indulge in tasteful food with a pleasant atmosphere, we’ll strive to make a memorable impression that lasts one cup at a time.