About Gangga Experience

A Passion Service will Inspire Positive Teamwork to Service Our Valued Customer on Exceeding Expectation

Gangga Experience is a hotel management based in Bali and created by a team experience in hotel management, business consultants, and has worked for more than 20 years in their respective positions in boutique villas, luxury resorts, five stars, international and local chains hotel. We provide services to all guests with sincerity, endless smiles, and also keep the maintaining environmental harmony, comfort and beauty, and synergizing with the community and local culture based on Tri Hita Karana Concept. Through the collaboration of professional, experienced and multi-faceted teams, we believe the return on business capital for property owners will be maximized.

Our Value


With sincerity in managing the hotel, we are sure that we will be able to exceed the customer's expectation.


Through skills that we have, we can serve with efficient and fast to exceed customer satisfaction.


With a polite attitude, all our desires can be fulfilled appropriately and quickly.


Gangga has a genuine vision of being hospitality management with the best reputation and special hotel operator through sincere, honest, and friendly service.


Consistent and persistence in serving guests through right and good words, honest and sincere thoughts and good manners in carrying out tasks.

Philosophy of the Gangga Amertha Giri

The philosophy that we use as the foundation is like the river water flow of the Gangga that never stops flowing, always moves to provide coolness and source of life for each area that it goes through. The eternal and sacred Gangga river flow gives life/grace to all parties who believe/join (business partners) with Gangga Experience.